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Glasses in Children | Spectacles in Children

Glasses in Children | Spectacles in Children

Glasses in children

Having trouble selecting the “right” glasses for your kids?


Read these tips before making up your mind.glasses-in-children

  • Get your child involved in the frame selection.

    If she is the one who chooses the frame, she will be more  motivated to wear the eyeglasses and to take better care of them.

  • Choose a flattering frame.

    Pick a squarish one for your round-faced cherub, a round shape for your angular angel. And choose the correct size which covers your child’s eyes completely. Oversize glasses can make a kid look bug-eyed; conversely too small a size may not serve the purpose.

  • It is especially important for children’s eyeglasses to stay in place, because when eyeglasses slide down the nose, kids tend to look over the tops of the lenses instead of pushing them back up where they belong.
  • glasses-in-childrenPlastic or Metal Eyeglass Frames?

    Plastic used to be and still is the recommended material for kids’ glasses. It is considered to be more flexible, yet sturdier, and the perfect choice for frames on an active child. Though metal eyeglass frames, or “wire frames” as they are often called, have gotten a bad rap in the past, today’s glasses are made tough to handle the abuse that children give them. There are several types of metal eyeglass frames for kids, including Monel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel Silver, and Titanium. These metals can be formed into stylish, yet lightweight frames. In order to properly choose the best temples for your kid’s glasses, the temples should actually wrap around their ears.

  • Lens Materials glasses-in-children

    The experts recommend that children’s eyeglass lens should be made with polycarbonate. And why not? It’s shatter-resistant and much lighter than glass. The lighter weight is especially important if your child’s eyeglass prescription is strong and thick.

  • And finally, if your child needs to wear eyeglasses all the time to see, it would be a good idea to check into purchasing a second pair to use as a spare.

When in doubt about a frame’s fit, do not hesitate to consult the optician.

They would be able to answer your queries regarding glasses in children.

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