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Latest techniques for the best treatment of blocked tear ducts

Treatment of blocked tear ducts

treatment of blocked tears in Navi MumbaiTear ducts are the tubes that excess tears drain away through. If an infant has watering eyes, treatment of blocked tear ducts becomes necessary. Left untreated, the infection could spread to the child’s eye socket. In general, the earlier the treatment of Blocked tear ducts is started more are the chances of success in children.

 If your child’s eyes are sticky or if there is a lump below his or her eye, treatment is usually recommended to avoid the eye from becoming infected. If the symptoms are particularly severe and the watering eyes are interfering with your child’s vision for reading, writing and sports, treatment will be required.

If you have an infection in your tear sac (where excess tears from your eyes drain into), it will need to be treated with surgery


If the tear duct does not open, it may be possible for your baby to have a procedure where a probe is used to open their tear duct (Probing). This will be carried out under general anaesthesia. It is a very safe, effective and short procedure that can easily open up the blocked ducts.

The success rate of probing done for the first time is very good (90-95%), provided it is done at the correct age (around 1 year of age). In case the symptoms do not resolve completely even after probing, a second probing may be required. In some older children, probing along with intubation (placing a silicon tube in the tear ducts to keep them open) may be done to increase the chances of success.

Very rarely, a surgery to create an alternate path (Dacryocystorhinostomy) is required to resolve the problem.

At Utsav Eye Clinic, Kharghar we use the latest techniques for the best treatment of blocked tear ducts.

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