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Strabismus (Squint) Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Squint surgery in navi mumbai

There are six different muscles attached to each eyeball and they tend to work in pairs. During the Strabismus operation it is normal that for a pair of muscles one is weakened and the other strengthened to make the eye straighter. It may be necessary to operate on both eyes to balance them, even if the squint is only in one eye.

In some cases adjustable sutures will be used, so that shortly after the operation any minor adjustments can be made to achieve the best possible position of the eye. This is known to improve the success rate of the surgery in selected cases. At Utsav Eye Clinic we use the latest fornix incision technique in all strabismus surgeries. This leads to  faster healing, more comfort in the immediate post-operative period and better cosmetic outcome. Utsav Eye Clinic is known for having a very high volume of Squint surgery in Navi Mumbai. We are one of the few centres which uses the latest techniques of adjustable sutures and fornix incision techniques in squint surgery in Navi Mumbai.

Benefits of Strabismus surgery

  • To enable the eyes to work together (Binocular vision)
  • To relieve diplopia (double vision)
  • To improve appearance

Cost of Squint Surgery

Treatment before the surgery

You may be asked to instill antibiotic eyedrops for a day or two preceding the operation to minimise the chances of infection. If the surgery is planned to be done under general anesthesia, you may be asked not to take anything orally for 4-6 hours before the surgery.


Squint surgery is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic in children and local anaesthesia in Adults and is normally a Day care procedure. That means you are discharged from the hospital on the same day of the surgery.

What happens during the surgery?

Surgery involves moving the muscles attached to the outside of the eye to a new position. During the operation, the surgeon will detach one part of the muscle that is connected to your  eye and will either move it backwards to weaken the pulling effect or shorten it to increase the pulling effect. Once the correction has been made, the muscles will be sewn back into place using dissolvable stitches.

After-Care following the surgery

Following eye surgery, a pad may be put over the affected eye, which will usually be removed on the same or the next day. There is no need to wear a patch or bandage at home and you can return to daily activities, such as reading, as soon as you feel able to. The aim is to get the eyes working normally as quickly as possible. You will be required to instill eyedrops to reduce the swelling for a period of about 4 weeks.

You may wear your own glasses as soon as the eye pad is removed. Patients who do not need corrective glasses may wear protective goggles.

Your child should be able to return to school a couple of days after surgery. If you have had surgery, you should also be able to return to work after about 3-4 days of the surgery.

There are no dietary restrictions or limitations to normal routine activities.

What are the Risks of surgery?

  • Usually Strabismus surgery is a relatively safe surgery. The chances of vision threatening complications are extremely rare. Till date we at Utsav Eye Clinic have had no patients with decrease in vision as a consequence of  strabismus surgery.
  • Red eye is a very common occurrence after squint surgery. This can take up to three to four weeks to resolve, but has no bearing on the success of the operation.
  • Double vision may occur after the operation. This usually resolves itself after a week or so.
  • Undercorrections and Overcorrections may occur in a small percentage of patients depending upon the type and severity of pre-operative squint. These may needed to be treated by surgical or non-surgical means.  


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