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Squint Eye Treatment at Utsav Eye Clinic Kharghar

The disorder in which the eyes don’t look in the same direction the very same way simultaneously.
Squint eye are also called strabismus.
Reasons for strabismus is because of nerve injury or dysfunction of the muscles controlling the eye.
Crossed eyes can normally be treated with early diagnosis. Several treatments incorporate using eyewear, eyepatch, or rarely surgery.


The main symptom is eyes that don’t look in exactly the same direction at the same time.
People may experience blurred vision or double vision In both eyes not focused on the same object at the same time, eye strain, or headache
Treatment comprises,
Crossed eyes can be treated with early diagnosis. A few treatment choices exist to adjust the eyes. They incorporate using eyewear, utilization of an eye patch, and rarely surgery.
Reading glasses, Eyepatch, Glasses, and Contact focal points
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