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Strabismus (sometimes also called as “squint eyes” or “cross eyes”) means misalignment of the eyes. This makes it difficult or impossible for the brain to use the information from the two eyes together normally.

Cost of Squint Surgery

Types of Squints

Some of the more common forms of strabismus include:

squint eye navi mumbai-esotropiaEsotropia (convergent squint)-when one eye turns inward relative to the other squint eye navi mumbai-exotropiaExotropia (divergent squint)-when one eye turns outward relative to the other
squint eye navi mumbai-hypertropiaHypertropia-
when one eye turn upward relative to the other
squint eye navi mumbai-hypotropiaHypotropia-
when one eye turn downward relative to the other

Some children with strabismus (squint eyes) develop amblyopia (lazy eyes). Strabismus can also interfere with normal binocular vision. Utsav Eye Clinic is one of the centers that specializes in  Squint eyes  treatment in Navi mumbai India. Dr. Anand Kumar, Squint Specialist in Navi Mumbai India answers some of the frequently asked questions regarding this condition.

What is binocular vision?

Each of our two eyes sees a slightly different picture of the world. If you have binocular vision, it means your brain can take the two pictures from the two eyes and put them together into a single three-dimensional perception of the world around you. This is a complex skill that is quickly lost when the eyes don’t line up. Without binocular vision, your depth perception may be limited.

One of the main benefits of binocular vision is to be able to judge depth and speed of objects well. Children with poor or no binocular vision can have difficulty with these tasks. This may lead to problems with:

  • Pouring juice into a cup
  • Catching or hitting fast moving balls
  • Walking up or down stairs
  • Judging how quickly a car is approaching while crossing roads

Also, there are certain jobs where good binocular vision is important and necessary. These include flying planes and performing surgical operations.

If you close one eye you can see what loss of binocular vision is like. At arms length try pouring water into a glass or bringing two pencil ends on top of each. It is more difficult than when both eyes are open. This is because your skill in judging depth is poorer.

What causes strabismus?

Strabismus can be caused by eye muscles that are imbalanced and unable to keep the eyes aligned. It can also be caused by focusing problems such as farsightedness. These focusing problems cause the eye to turn in when trying to focus. Research has shown that strabismus runs in families. In adults, strabismus can also be caused by stroke, diabetes, poorly controlled hypertension and brain injury or tumors.

How is strabismus treated?

The treatment for strabismus focusses on correcting the problem that is making the eye wander. If amblyopia (lazy eye) is present as well, a separate treatment regimen may be required for this disorder. One option to treat strabismus may be spectacles to assist in focusing power. In other cases, surgery be required to properly align the eyes and treat strabismus. Your doctor will recommend the best option for successful treatment. Doctors at Utsav Eye Clinic, Kharghar are among the handful of doctors in Navi Mumbai India who specialize in of Squint Eyes treatment.

Squint in Children

What is the best time to do strabismus surgery?

Strabismus surgery can be done at any age; however, early treatment can often improve the child’s quality of life. The best time for surgery also depends upon the type of strabismus. The best time for surgery for one type of strabismus may be inappropriate for a different type of strabismus and would be best decided by your paediatric ophthalmologist and squint eyes specialist.

What is the success rate for strabismus surgery in children and/or adults? 

Depending on the severity of the case, most patients do have corrected ocular alignment after one surgery. In some cases, the eye alignment will change over time and such patients may require additional procedures. Your Paediatric Ophthalmologist would discuss these issues before surgery. At Utsav Eye Clinic, Kharghar in Navi Mumbai India the success rate for surgery for squint eyes is as high as 90-95%.

Squint in Adults

Can Squint be corrected in Adults also?

Adults may have squint either from a residual childhood squint or they may acquire squint in adulthood. Eyes can be straightened at any age through surgery and should be considered as a treatment option as it is likely to improve symptoms and enhance quality of life. In short, squint surgery can be performed at any age successfully. Read more about Squint Surgery in Adults.

How is surgery to correct strabismus done?

Surgery to treat strabismus changes the position of the eye muscles to adjust the position of the eye. The surgery is a little like building a ship in a bottle. The surgeon must work in tight spaces with limited access because of the nature of the anatomy of the eye muslces. At Utsav Eye Care Centre in Navi Mumbai, we use the state of the art small incision fornix approach strabismus surgery technique (with adjustable sutures in appropriate cases). This leads to a much faster recovery and better cosmesis. After surgery, both eyes are able to focus on the same point at the same time in most cases.

Cost of Squint Surgery

What is the Cost of Squint Surgery in Mumbai India?

The cost of Squint Surgery depends upon a number of variables such as the number of muscles to be operated, the complexity of the procedure, whether it is a primary surgery or a re-surgery and also what anesthesia is used during the surgery. The number of muscles to be operated in turn usually depends on the amount of deviation of eyes. Utsav Eye Clinic takes pride in offering the latest State-of-the-art Squint Treatment at affordable prices.



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