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Utsav Eye Clinic is a centre of excellence for the following Eye surgery in Kharghar Navi Mumbai


Squint treatment in Kharghar Navi MumbaiStrabismus (Squint eyes)

During the Strabismus operation it is normal that for a pair of muscles one is weakened and the other strengthened to make the eye straighter. Read more>

Cataract treatment in navi mumbai IndiaCataract Surgery in Children

Cataract surgery in children is a complex issue best left to surgeons familiar with its long-term complications and lengthy follow-up. Read more>

treatment of drooping of eyelids navi mumbai indiaPtosis (Drooping of lids)

Surgery to treat ptosis involves making a small cut in the eyelid and shortening the eyelid muscle or attaching the eyelid to the forehead muscle. Read more>

treatment of blocked tear ducts in navi mumbai IndiaBlocked Tear Ducts (CNLDO)

If the tear duct does not open, it may be possible for your baby to have a procedure where a probe is used to open their tear duct (Probing). Read more>

Nystagmus treatment in navi mumbai India

Nystagmus (Wobbling Eyes)

Surgery for nystagmus in selected patients can decrease nystagmus amplitude, and possibly improve visual acuity and correct abnormal head posture. Read more>



Amblyopia treatment in navi mumbai IndiaAmblyopia (Lazy Eyes)

Most experts agree that early detection and treatment of lazy eye is preferred for normal visual development and the best visual outcomes from amblyopia treatment. Read more>

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