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Squint Treatment for Adults by Utsav Eye Clinic

Can anything be done for adults with strabismus (misaligned eyes)?
Yes. Both the variations of adult squint can usually be treated with excellent results. Your doctor will suggest either a surgical or non-surgical treatment, depending on the cause, duration, and severity of the squint.


What causes squint in adults?
The reasons for squint in children and adults are different.

A latent childhood squint may become prominent with eye strain in the later stage of life.
A loss of vision in one eye can result in its outward deviation.
New squint that develops in an adult can be due to disorders of thyroid eye disease, myasthenia gravis, trauma, stroke or tumors.
Sometimes, your doctor cannot determine an identifiable cause for the squint, and these are called idiopathic.
What are the signs and symptoms of squint?
The most noticeable sign of squint, of course, is the misalignment of eyes, which can be noted by the patient, as well as by the observer. Associated symptoms of squint include:

Eye fatigue and tiredness around the eyes
Double vision which can be very annoying, and often leads to intractable headaches
Overlapped or blurred images causing confusion
Difficulty in reading and near work
Loss of depth perception resulting in stumbling and past pointing

What are the benefits of squint surgery in adults?
Many people are of the view that squint surgery in adults is strictly a cosmetic procedure. That is usually not true, and in fact, the operation can result in a significant functional gain. It causes:

Improvement in eye alignment, making the gaze straight
Remove, or at least significantly decrease, diplopia or double vision
Decrease eye fatigue
Provide a definite cosmetic growth, resulting in better social and professional interactions

Who treats squint in adults?
An eye specialist who has had specialized training in strabismus is the most qualified to treat any misalignment of eyes. Usually, ophthalmologists who specialize in the care of children, pediatric ophthalmologists, are also trained in a squint, since the disease is more common in children. That shouldn’t deter you from seeking an appointment with the doctor.

That said, you must evaluate your comfort level with the doctor, his or her bedside manner, credentials, and the hospital/ operation theater facilities before deciding on who can best take care of your eyes.


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